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Agile Development with a Freelancer Network.

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What does Agile Development mean for the Code Writer?

It means the Code Writer spends their time writing code. As the development of quality code demands not only solid fundamentals but a consistent review of best practice which leads to the birth of new and more powerful frameworks for all. This means we are talking about a Practiced Skill. You can not expect to excel if you do not take the time to refine your skills.

So how does Agile Development help the Code Writer write more code?

Just as your skills as a developer will grow as you work on new solutions the same is true for your support staff. Public Relations and the fine attention to detail required to negotiate equitable arrangements are also Practiced Skills core to the professionals who are responsible for allocating new work and communicating directly with the clients. You can only practice one skill at a time. If you are writing code then you can not be dealing with the client and vice versa. You can attempt to do everything but end up talking with your mouth full and making a bad impression to both sides of the equation. Being part of a quality team means all the efforts you give to create quality code will be properly articulated to the client in a professional manner while you happily code away.

What happens when the client changes their mind or wants new features during production?

This is where Agile Development really alleviates a lot of stress. Inevitably there will be a misunderstanding while creating new code. Let’s say the client wants their customers names listed. A price is agreed upon and the code writer is off and coding when the client realizes they also need the customers’ address along with the names. Human nature comes into play. The client is a human and might want to get those addresses added in for free. This is not a situation for the code writer to be dealing with after a long shift. The code writer has not been working on their public relations skills while tapping on a keyboard, listening to music and sipping tasty beverages. This is a situation for your project manager who has spent their day dealing with people and making the myriad of concessions required by social animals. The Practiced Skill of Public Relations is used by the project manager to update the coder with new requirements and outline efforts of the coding team to the client.

What are you going to do next?

Most coders do not sit down to iterate through a nested array while on the phone talking with prospects. It is difficult to say the least to divide your attention across such vast real estate. If you are meeting someone for the first time to the chorus of mechanical keys clanking in the background you are not going to make a good impression. This is where Agile Development saves the day again with professional Marketing support staff and the Practiced Skill of not only getting the word out but communicating with those that receive it.


How do I know who to work with?

With so many opportunities available to a competent code writer it is important to find the right match for you. Like any prospective company you should look for solid business practices such as employee screening as well as a good track record and robust client list.